Tribute to Fausto Coppi

In 2019,  the legendary Fausto Coppi would celebrate his 100 birthday !

Faustino Coppi, his son and Salvatore Lombardo present to us their view on this extraordinary champion through the magnificent book Coppi par Coppi ! (introduction below) a legitimate tribute will be given to him during the GFLM Top vélo event which will take place on Saturday, 25th of may 2019, in the presence of Faustino Coppi!

” The one who is still remembered today as the greatest cyclist champion of all time, who revolutionized his sport and brought it into modernity, who scandalized the public opinion by divorcing in order to marry the lady in white, the one who Jacques Goddet, the legendary director of the Tour de France, regarded as the greatest athlete of the world. The eagle-profiled Italian, shaped like the marquis of Milan. Fausto, who flew over every peloton, inflicting to his opponents extraordinary gaps, this is Coppi, the unforgettable and unforgotten !… “

In a work signed by Faustino Coppi and Salvatore Lombardo.

GFLM 11/2018