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Discover the village of Mormoiron

At the foot of the Mount Ventoux, a few kilometers away from the east of Carpentras, very close to the beautiful Luberon, Mormoiron is a village with a very strong identity. Here, we are proud to be both Provencal and rural. With such wealth in our lands, we are bound to be proud !

The underground of Mormoiron is a real patchwork : there is high quality sands, currently under exploitation, but also ochres and gypsum, that had been exploited up until the last quarter of the 20th century, and even a very particular type of clay called « mormoironnite » that works really well as a gastric bandage. Of course, there is also a good amount of cultivable lands since agriculture is the main activity of the village. Vines, cherries ands olives are the three pillars of farming in Mormoiron.

The history of the village is full of aspects. A legend, considered wrong by the historians, but still repeated by the inhabitants of Mormoiron says that its name comes from the french word « murmure » (whispers). And precisely, the bees’ whisper. According to this legend, the people of the village, sieged by odd invader, got rid of him… by throwing at him several hives from the heights of the city walls.

A fiction that expresses the nature of the village. We may know how to receive friends, but also how to protect and preserve ourselves. Because we care about our identity.

Either born into it or not, the people of Mormoiron like their village. And we can understand that, simply by wandering in it…

The village of Mormoiron